Athens, June 2018

Athens, June 2018

My life in a nutshell!

My life in a nutshell!

My name comes from the Greek Mythology, from  "LEDA and THE SWAN". Though I was born in Athens, as well as my parents, our family name can be traced all the way back to the 14th century, to the Ionian island of Zakynthos. From my dad's side, my origins are traced to Zakynthos & Amorgos, and from my mom's side, to PontosAsia Minor. 

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I grew up in a house in the SUBURBS of ATHENS and went for studies to a university abroad to become a psychologistGROWING UP , I had a special connection to horses and kidsHave a look a what makes me me, my likes &dislikes. Live vicariously through my favorite performances, see my kind of ART, my favorite movies and add your own, and listen to my kind of music. Have fun trying to solve these MIND GAMESLast but not least, take a sneak preview in my CHILDHOOD MEMORIESYou guessed it right: I'm completely mad about stuff!
Travels - I love TRAVELING and I have visited many places within Greece as well as several other countries. So far I have been to the following countries: CYPRUS (Limassol, 2010)FORMER SOVIET UNION (Moscow, Lenigrad, Kiev: 1983), ITALY (Roma, Bari, Brindisi:1992, 2010 & Torino: 2002, USA (New York:1984, Connecticut-Washington-Maryland-New Jersey:1993), GREAT BRITAIN (Glascow-Highlands-Wales:1987, London, 1997,Crew & Hyde: 2002), LUXEMBOURG:1995, SWEDEN (Stockholm: 2000-2002).

I'm a Greek woman and this is my story

please follow me...

I was born...
 - It's not TODAY you idiots!!!

As I was saying I was born 42,43, ...45 years ago (sorry the number frequently changes) in Greece!
I've spent all my childhood in the northern suburbs of Athens. I lived in a house of 5: my parents....
my brother    and us the twins

It was 16 years ago that I decided to leave the family nest and live on my own.
Living alone had its ups n down, but somehow 
I've always  managed!

On my free time, I try to keep myself alive... ahem busy


I  got the feeling strangest things have happened!Don't you?

As for being on my own, everyone kept telling me about the beauty of living alone! 
...the parties on the upstairs apartment...

the weird noises coming from the next room...
I can't complain, it has certainly  been interesting!!

Not to mention my lovely neighbors  who always grin
as they see me and whose houses reek with smells of wonderfully cooked meals and who always kindly invite me over for ...dinner !?
Going back to the years where everything was just a big school... I can't help, but remember the years of studies abroad...You see, I was privileged to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Connecticut. You America!
I Studied Developmental Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University and I've been a  psychologist ever since!

I often find myself reminiscing about those college years: how I spent endless hours working  mastering special skills and...  studying  HARDly !

I was given the opportunity to cherish some wonderful new customs and experience the beauty of a... somewhat different culture!
In addition to that, I realized how well the system works and at the end
I gained so much out of this!
And how can one forget the beautiful snow experience I had at Vermont!!

or the volunteer work I did with kids... or being a police dispatcher  at the University Campus Police?

ah... those were the years!

As far as my love life goes, for many years I desperately tried to find a decent man... oops I really meant to say:
I enjoyed the benefits of being single!!! 
and after one too many...

I finally found my prince charming...!!!
…or NOT
Donkey! what are YOU doing here?!
[Shrek's angry voice in the background]]

Oh well... you can't stop a girl from dreaming!

Yours trully,


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